Tổng hợp đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 kèm bài viết mẫu

tổng hợp đề thi ielts writing
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Tổng hợp các đề thi IELTS Writing Task 2 chính thức của năm 2022 kèm bài viết mẫu của Trung Tâm Anh Ngữ RES giúp các bạn có định hướng trước khi làm bài.

Task 2 – Essay 1: People think that the government should increase the cost of fuel for cars and other vehicles to solve environmental problems. Give your opinion.

Essay Plan:

Introduction: refer to the task question, using paraphrasing. My own opinion – it is a useful measure, but other measures might be more effective.

Paragraph 2: useful (1) it would limit the number of car journeys, and money raised could be used to improve public transport (2) more goods would travel by rail. Both (1) and (2) would reduce vehicle emissions and reduce the greenhouse effect.

Paragraph 3: other measures more effective. (1) congestion charges e.g. London, money is used to improve public transport (2) free bus and train passes, reducing the use of cars and improving air quality.

Conclusion: useful to raise taxes on petrol, but other transport measures would be more effective to help the environment.


It is widely believed that one solution to environmental problems would be for governments to raise the price of petrol. While I consider that this might be an effective measure. I would argue that other measures might have an even greater impact. 

If national authorities raised taxes on petrol, this would address two environmental issues. Firstly, in terms of private cars, motorists would limit the number and length of their journeys to compensate for the extra expense. Governments would then be forced to upgrade and expand public transport provision, as people would still need to travel to work, to school or to travel to shops and hospitals, for example. Secondly, from the perspective of freight services, more goods would have to be transported by rail rather than by truck. Both these measures would cut down on emissions from vehicles and help to reduce the greenhouse effect.

On the other hand, while this rise in fuel prices might be a useful stopgap measure, governments could adopt transport policies which would be more effective in the long term. The local authorities in London, for instance, introduced a congestion charge on all vehicles visiting the city centre. They use the money raised to subsidize the cost of fares and to invest in transport, infrastructure. In turn, this has improved the air quality in the city, as a result of the reduction in exhaust fumes. Another policy would be to introduce free bus and train passes, as the increased use of public transport would reduce pollution from private cars and help in the effort to combat global warming.

In conclusion, a sharp rise in petrol prices would be a useful environmentally-friendly transport measure, although in the longer term other steps would be more effective.

Task 2 – Essay 2: Some people think that physical strength is important for success in sport, while other people think that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Essay Plan:

Introduction: refer to the task question. My opinion, physical strength is fundamental for success in sport.

Paragraph 2: mental strength is important (1) provides motivation to train hard (2) mental strength helps to overcome failures

Paragraph 3: physical strength is the basis of success. Examples of physically demanding sports, but also all other sports – sailing, horse-riding. Some sports stars take drugs to enhance physical strength

Conclusion: physical and mental strength are both important for success, but physical strength is the basis.


In order to achieve success in sport, some people argue that it is more important to be strong mentally than physically. While no sportsperson can reach the top without the mental qualities of determination and dedication. I believe that the basis for success must be physical strength.

On the one hand, all sports trainers recognise the necessity of a strong mental attitude. Firstly, if trainers cannot foster a competitive spirit, or even a win-at-all-costs attitude, the sportspeople who they train may lack the necessary motivation to work hard and succeed. Hours spent training in the gym, for example, may be repetitive and boring, and aspiring athletes need to stay focused. Secondly, in any sport there will be disappointments and failures. And it is essential to be mentally strong to overcome these and achieve one’s goals. In particular, in the world of professional sport, where news coverage places too much value on sport. It is impossible to have a laid-back attitude and still succeed.

On the other hand, physical strength must be the basis of all success in sport. While most people take up sport simply to get into shape or to keep fit, those who wish to become successful must be physically strong. Obvious examples are sports such as weightlifting, boxing or judo. Yet all other sports also demand physical strength for stamina and endurance, even sailing or horse-riding. Some sports stars, such as the world-famous professional cyclist Lance Armstrong, have even used illegal substances, like performance-enhancing drugs, in order to reach and maintain top physical condition, risking their careers.

In conclusion, both physical and mental strength are necessary to become successful in sport. But it is impossible to succeed without being physically strong.

Task 2 – Essay 3: In some countries, young people have become richer, healthier, and live longer, but they are less happy. What are the causes? What can be done to address this situation?

Essay Plan:

Introduction: refer to the task question. There is one major cause, and steps should be taken to deal with this.

Paragraph 2: the major cause – advertising. Youngsters are influenced by marketing (give examples), but having more possessions does not bring happiness.

Paragraph 3: the solutions – ban advertising and encourage people to be active in, for example, sport and music, not passive consumers of the latest products.

• Conclusion: restrict marketing and encourage young people to participate actively – this will result in more happiness.


It is true that, particularly in developed countries, the youth of today enjoy longer lives and better health, but are not necessarily happier, despite all the material possessions that they have. I would argue that there is one principal reason why they are not happier, and some steps should be taken to deal with this situation.

The influence of commercial advertising is at the root of the dissatisfaction of today’s youngsters. Young people have become a target audience for the marketing industry,even children of 5 years old or younger. They are swayed by advertisements to adopt the values of the consumer society, possessing more and more things which. They are told, will bring them happiness, such as toys, electronic goods, a McDonald’s burger or the latest fashions. TV channels and online advertising persuade young people to buy goods impulsively.  However, all this personal consumption has failed to bring happiness. And the false promises have resulted in disillusionment among young people.

Governments could immediately address this problem. They must introduce restrictions on advertising. And it would be even more effective to impose an official ban on all marketing. National and local authorities should allocate resources to schools. To provide opportunities for young people to participate actively in sports or to take up a musical instrument. This will bring much more happiness and social interaction into the lives of today’s youth. Rather than being passive individual consumers of everything, from violent video games to junk food. These two measures would certainly help efforts to bring more fulfillment and happiness into the lives of today’s youth.

In conclusion, by taking steps to curb the activities of the marketing industry, governments could help young people to develop into happier citizens of the future.

Task 2 – Essay 4: People are consuming more and more sugar-based drinks. Why? What can be done to reduce sugary drink consumption?

Essay Plan:

Introduction: refer to the task question. There are a number of reasons to explain the trend, but it is possible to reduce the consumption of soft drinks.

Paragraph 2: marketing is the principal reason for the increase. It is targeted at children and young people, with serious consequences for health e.g. diabetes etc.

Paragraph 3. Three effective measures can be taken (1) raise taxes e.g. France (2) remove vending machines from public places e.g. schools,… etc (3) health awareness campaigns, health warning labels on bottles.

Conclusion. Marketing is the main reason for the increase in consumption of sugary drinks, but measures can be taken to combat this trend.


It is true that the consumption of drinks with added sugar is increasing globally, even in less developed countries. While a number of factors explain this trend, some countries have taken measures to reduce the intake of sweetened drinks.

Heavy marketing is the principal reason why the consumption of sugar-based drinks has increased rapidly. This trend is of concern to the World Health Organisation because it carries health risks, including life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer. The soft-drinks manufacturers advertise their products to a target audience of young children and adolescents. This strategy encourages youngsters to form the lifetime habit of buying these drinks, as they are soon addicted to the high sugar content. They put on weight, are prone to obesity and find it difficult to keep their teeth healthy.

There are three measures that would be effective in tackling the rise in the popularity of sugary drinks. Firstly, governments should raise taxes on the sales of soft drinks. This has been done in France, for example, and could be implemented by other countries, too. Secondly, vending machines must be removed from public places. Discouraging the consumption of sugary drinks in schools, bus stations, cinemas and hospitals. Finally, health awareness campaigns on TV and the internet could help in combating the promotion of soft drinks by marketing agencies. Including the compulsory addition of health warnings on labels, as in the case of tobacco products.

In conclusion, although the promotion of soft drinks has resulted in increased sales. Effective steps can be taken to reverse this trend.